Youko Kurama 6

Youko Kurama during his battle with Karasu

Youko Kurama
Name: Youko Kurama
Eye Color: Gold.
Hair Color: Silver/Grey.
Height: 7ft. (213cm.)
Age: 1000+ yrs old.

Youko Kurama is a fox spirit (kitsune) that is known to be over 1000-years-old. Though his age is never stated as fact in the series, during his battle against Shigure in the King of Makai tournament, he utilizes the roots of plants, which are stated to have grown from seeds that he [Youko Kurama] had planted over a thousand years prior to the battle. Based on this, it's possible to conclude that Youko is well over 1,000-years-old, possibly close to 2,000.

Youko Kurama is one of three alter-ego's that make up the trifecta of Kurama's personality. The three of them being, in order of origin; Youko Kurama, Shuichi Minamino and Kurama (sometimes referred to as Shuichi Kurama). Youko Kurama's personality is a significant deviation from the personality of Shuichi-Kurama and Shuichi Minamino.

Youko is shown to be cold, ruthless, cunning and even sadistic in his tactics in battle. Traits which are seen in Shuichi-Kurama, but to a lesser extent. His physical attributes are far above those of his human counter-parts, displaying both superior strength, superior speed, superior demon-energy and even superior intelligence in the midst of combat, as seen in Youko Kurama's battles against Karasu, Shigure and Shinobu Sensui.

Youko Kurama lived his portion of life far prior to the beginning of the YuYu Hakusho series. He was a renouned bandit who had aspirations of great power and fame. His ambition was to one day rival the likes of Mukuro and Raizen and to carve out his own territory in Makai, as Mukuro and Raizen had done. His second-in-command at the time was a young Yomi, whose temper and wreckless behavior proved to be too much of a burden and hinderance for Youko Kurama to acheive his desired goals.

In a true display of ruthless, calculating cunning, Youko Kurama set up his own second-in-command, along with a large group of his best men, to be ambushed and killed by a powerful demon warrior, in order to eliminate Yomi as a liability to his ambitions. After which, little else is known about his life before he was wounded by a member of King Enma's special task force during an attempted burglary and forced into hiding in the human world. There his spirit embodied itself in the form of an unborn child and he awaited birth, intending to hide in the body of the human boy for 15 years, until his demon energy had enough time to regenerate.

He was given the name "Shuichi" by his human mother, at birth. This was the birth of his alter-ego, Shuichi Minamino. First and only born son to his human mother, who shortly after Shuichi turned 15, became ill. Despite his desire to return to his former glory, Kurama found that he had developed genuine feelings of love for his human mother, who, despite his poor treatment of her, showed him nothing but love and support.

After being approached by a demon named Hiei, whom had come searching for Kurama in the human world, for the purpose of obtaining Kurama's aid in stealing the Dark Artifacts of the Spirit World, Shuichi, for the first time, reawoke his demon powers and, after battling with Hiei in a spar to determine whether or not he [Shuichi] was still an able, capable fighter, Shuichi agreed to aid Hiei in his plan, though his true motives were to gain the artifact known as the "Forlorn Hope," in order to use it to save the life of his human mother. This marks the rebirth of Youko's former personality, embodied in human form, which is refered to simply as "Kurama," or "Shuichi-Kurama."